Hot Cross Bun Porridge

Serves 1 Vegan Vegetarian Submission by
Prep time 5 mins Cook time 10 mins Total time 15 mins
Ready in 15 mins


  • Half a cup of porridge oats
  • 1/2 a tsp of mixed spice
  • 1/2 a tsp of vanilla extract
  • Koko Original Milk
  • 2tbsp of mixed raisins and peel
  • 1-2tbsp maple syrup
  • Thumbsized piece of marzipan (optional - kind of!!)

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  1. 1. Cook the oats and milk in a sauce pan on medium until they start to thicken. I find keeping stirring them makes them creamier at the end.
  2. 2. Add in the mixed spices, mixed raisin and peel and vanilla. Save a few rasins for serving.
  3. 3. After about 5-10 minutes the oats should have absorbed the milk, if its too thick just add a splash more milk and turn down the heat.
  4. 4.Stir in the maple syrup to sweeten. (I like them sweet)
  5. 5.Chop up the marzipan into wee squares and mix through.
  6. 6.Serve with the remaining maple syrup and the remaining rasins.
  7. 7.Enjoy!