The Koko Story

Us in a nutshell

With a name like Koko, you’d expect us to be a bit nuts about coconuts. But the love we have for this fantastic fruit* goes way beyond our name.

We’re a family owned company that takes great care in looking after our plantations, growing our coconut palms the way nature intended and packing our coconuts within hours of being picked – always by human hands – to guarantee freshness, ripeness and the highest quality.

We’ve been growing coconuts for over thirty years so it’s fair to say that we know quite a bit about them! We harvest more than one million coconuts every day and transport them gently around our plantation by boat… it’s nice to be nice to your coconuts after all!

The first to crack it

Koko was started in 2010 and we were the first UK company to make a coconut-based alternative to dairy milk.

We loved the milk inside coconuts so to us it seemed natural to turn it into another kind of milk that more people could enjoy. Using our exclusive coconut know-how we created a milk that tastes remarkably close to semi-skimmed dairy milk: Koko Dairy Free Original. It was so successful we expanded our range and introduced even more milks as well as alternatives to yogurt, cheese and spread.

And like our coconut trees we’re always growing, discovering new ways to share the coconut love. Watch this space for more new products coming soon.

From picked to packed in just a few hours, and always by human hands.

Our love of coconuts

At Koko, we love coconuts, they’re all that we focus on. Why? Because, they are pretty amazing.

In Asia the coconut tree is known as ‘the tree of life’. Coconut flesh makes nutritious food, the water is hydrating to drink, the strong wood can be used to build houses, the shells are great for compost and fuel and the husk is used for ropes, mats and stuffing. Coconut trees also like growing in salty environments where other plants won’t grow. Sustainable and clever!

* Is a coconut a fruit, seed or nut?

Loosely defined, it can be all three. More accurately? It’s a drupe (a fruit with a hard covering over the seed). Bet you wish you’d never asked…

One coconut… a big bunch of possibilities

Coconuts are a natural wonder, but as much as we love them, not every single food we eat should taste of them. So, we harness the goodness of coconuts and make products that taste remarkably similar to their dairy equivalents.

Drinking, munching, stirring, whirring, splashing, spreading, slicing or mixing. However you enjoy Koko products, you can be sure they’re all:

  • Free from all 14 major allergens including gluten, dairy and soya
  • Free from artificial flavours, colours, gmos and preservatives
  • Fortified with calcium* and vitamins * except Koko Spread
  • Vegan approved by the Veggie & Vegan Societies